Dienstag, 8. August 2017

New from September 12th: Active Meditation at Sportunion West-Wien on Tuesdays

The course takes place every Tuesday, 5pm to 6:20 pm.
We will meditate at the gym of Volksschule (Primary School) Diesterweg 30, 1140 Vienna (entry through Serravagasse, just through the garden door).

What can you expect?
Meditation doesn't always mean sitting still for hours without moving. In this course I'd like to introduce you to "active" meditation techniques. First created in the 70s, these methods were designed specifically for people living in modern societies, catering to their needs. The techniques include free dance moves, marching on the spot, shaking your whole body etc. By moving our bodies first, we relax our muscles and allow our minds to relax with them. In this respect active meditation can be compared to yoga or qi gong, where movement plays a big role in relaxing both body and mind. One must not be overly fit to benefit from active meditation, though. The techniques are suitable for every age and do not require any prior experience.
So have a look for yourself and participate in: kundalini meditation, heart chakra meditation, mandala meditation, ...

Interested? Join us for a free trial lesson. If you're interested in participating every week, I can give you a registration form after the first lesson.

Looking forward to meditating with you :-)